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Moon Landing


This Saturday, 20th July, will be the 50th Anniversary of the first Moon landing.

Watch the video on the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission.

In your blog comments consider the following…

– Why do you think NASA and the American government decided to go to the Moon?

– Why is it still considered such an amazing accomplishment?

– What do you think the astronauts would have been feeling throughout their mission?

– Why do you think we haven’t sent anyone back to the Moon since the Apollo17 mission in 1972?

– Do you think we should send astronauts back to the Moon? Why/Why not?

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Kid President and Vacations


Kid President talks about vacations – and some of the best ways he enjoys spending time with his family. Sometimes it is not where you spend your time, but how you spend your time with your family.


What are your favourite times you spend together as a family? Share your ideas and why you think it is so special with the class.

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Show don’t Tell


This week we are learning to show the reader and not just tell them.

Show sadness.
Writing “she was sad” would tell me what she was feeling. Instead, show me what sad looks like. Is sad staying in bed and not getting dressed? Missing work? Not taking a shower and eating only potato chips?

Show anger.
Tell: He was angry. How can you show anger instead? Is anger throwing pots? Or is anger not talking?

Show fear.
Tell: She was scared. Instead of writing that, how would you show fear?

Show surprise.

Choose one of the prompts above or think of your own emotion or adjective. Take fifteen minutes to write a piece that shows us that feeling, then post it in the comments.

What emotion do you think other people have tried to show?

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The Queens Birthday


This week most of Australia had a public holiday for the Queen’s birthday.
Western Australia marks the day in September and Queensland in October.

But the Queen’s real birthday was on April the 21st, when she turned 93.

Follow the link below to btn and read all bout the Queens Birthday.

Can you tell me why we celebrate her birthday on different dates?

What did you do to celebrate the Queens Birthday this week?

Why does the Queen have two Birthdays?

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Minecraft Education


Next week we will be jumping into the wonderful world of Minecraft Education.

In preparation for this we spoke a lot about how we should conduct ourselves in the world.

Minecraft Education is a super cool platform that can be used to show our knowledge in a creative way.

click the link below to watch a video on the possibilities.

Minecraft Education

What do you think it good about Minecraft Education?

What top 3 rules MUST you follow when using Minecraft Education

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School in Africa


We have had some wonderful sessions Skyping with a school in Africa. It has been quite an amazing experience to get to know some of these students and what their lives are like.

Our friends from Africa sent this video to allow us to see what school life is like for them.
Watch the clip below.

Comment below with some of things you have learnt.
What in particular do you feel grateful for?
Do you have any ideas of ways we could help these students?

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Cyber Safety


Watch the book Chicken Clicking by Jean Willis and Tony Ross below.

Discuss the story with parent or sibling and answer the following questions.

Can you tell me some of the things you think the chicken did wrong?

What advise would you give to Chicken?

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Rubbish Free Flight


Kids news have reported on the first rubbish free flight that has taken off in Australia.

Follow the link to Kids news and read this very exciting article.

First Rubbish Free Flight

Can you think of any other places that create too much rubbish?

What do you think could be a solution?

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Upstanders Are Cool


View the clip and think about the four different ways that we can prevent bullying. What do you think is the difference between being an upstander or a bystander? What can you do to be an upstander? How could you apply the four upstander tools if YOU were being bullied?

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Sports Wear


How much do you know about designing sports wear and jerseys? View the following clip to find out how Nike designed the 2017-2018 NBA jerseys and sportswear.

I must admit, I was a little surprised to see how much technology is used to design sportswear. View the clip and share your thoughts.

Do you know how technology is used in other designing processes?

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